What we see as “real” and what we see as “possible” is determined by what “glasses” we have on.

In her manual designed to build relationships between people with disabilities and community members, Angela Amado, Ph.D., explains that if you see an individual only as their disability, you will not see what they have to offer others.  She goes on to say that if you see community members as only unaccepting, you will not see the individuals who extend the hand of hospitality and openness.  Our success in this work depends on what glasses we have on.

Every four months the management team supporting people in residential and in-home services gathers for an all-day event designed to improve the quality of life for everyone we support.  These events are called “Mission Possible.”  Our MISSION is to help people achieve their dreams, and we believe that this is POSSIBLE.

At the last event, we focused on how we can support people to create or enhance relationships with community members, family members, and friends.  The relationships in a person’s life has a significant impact on their happiness, health and well-being.  Through our glasses we see opportunities for everyone we support to have strong, meaningful relationships.

If you are someone who receives services, or are a guardian or case manager, and have an interest in sharing your experiences with our management team, we would love for you to be a part of our Mission Possible events.  If interested, please contact Leota Bemis at Lbemis@meridiansvs.com.

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