Home-Based Supports

Semi-Independent Living Services (SILS)

We offer Semi-Independent Living Skills Services (SILS) to adults with intellectual disabilities who live, or soon will live, in their own homes. These services are for people who do not require 24-hour support but need some assistance to live independently in the community. This assistance may include training in money management, shopping, meal preparation, personal appearance and hygiene, self-administration of medications, emergency procedures, use of community resources, or development of social, recreational, and transportation abilities.
Developing a Plan
  • The primary purpose in all persons served programs is to support individuals as they develop to their fullest potential. All activities are designed to promote independence and to maintain the individual with the least amount of supervision while assuring safety. We also make referrals to appropriate community resources such as job services; social service agencies; mental health services; and medical, dental, and legal services.
  • Meridian Services will also provide services such as coordinating medical/ psychiatric appointments, providing transportation, providing crisis intervention, and making referrals to other professional services needed.
  • We emphasize problem solving skills to decrease dependency as the person served progresses. We work to ensure the individual knows emergency procedures in case of fire, illness, injury, severe weather, and accidents.
Training & Services
  • The SILS program serves people with intellectual disabilities who are 18 years or older and who require less than 24-hour supervision. This service provides training and assistance so adults can establish and maintain themselves in the least restrictive living arrangement possible. The services are generally centered in the individual’s home and in the community.
  • Staff meet with family, interdisciplinary team members, and the person served regularly to monitor and meet expectations. The schedule design is often flexible to suit the individual’s needs regarding work schedules and other appointments.

Individualized Home Supports (IHS)

Meridian Services’ offers Individualized Home Supports for people living in their own home or family home and are receiving services through a waiver. There are three types of Individualized Home Supports:

  • Individualized Home Supports without training, or previously known as Personal Supports
  • Individualized Home Supports with training, or previously known as Independent Living Skills
  • Individualized Home Supports with Family Training, or previously known as In Home Family Supports

All types can be provided in the persons home, family home or in community spaces shared by the public and either in person or remotely.

Our staff members meet with the person receiving services, family, case manager, and other interdisciplinary team members regularly so that expectations can be understood and met. It always has been a priority for Meridian Services to provide individualized home supports as person centered as possible, by respecting the family culture, tailoring the program to family and individual’s needs, and being flexible in individual schedule design.

Developing a Plan
  • We offer a person-centered planning approach to all individual needs assessments. We are committed to getting to know the values of each person we serve. This individualized approach to goal development allows people to realize their dreams.
  • Individualized Home Supports cover community living services in four categories: Community participation, Health, Safety, and wellness, Household Management, and Adaptive skills.
  • We work closely with the people who know the person receiving services best, including their family members, spouses, friends, extended family, case managers, and primary care givers in order to develop the most comprehensive, meaningful plan to assist people attain lifelong outcomes.
Training & Services
  • The primary purpose of the Individualized Home Support program is to support individuals as they develop to their fullest potential, achieving the most fulfilling lifestyle they see for themselves. Our support staff are trained to provide services with a person-centered approach and upmost respect for the individuals goals.
  • Training and services may include community participation such as, accessing community resources, safety and awareness, transportation assistance, and safely getting around the individuals community.
  • Training may also include assistance with Health, Safety, and Wellness such as assistance with scheduling health appointments, assistance with cueing and instruction on completing personal cares, engaging in meaningful activities.
  • Training in Household Management might include assistance with routine household care and maintenance, budgeting, meal planning, and healthy lifestyle skills.
  • Training in adaptive Skills might include crisis prevention, problem-solving and positive support strategies.

Our Program Administrator can assist with referrals, questions, and inquiries

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