Residential Services

Community Residential Services (CRS)

Our Community Residential Services (CRS) homes serve children and adults with developmental disabilities, providing them with care, training, and supervision. We base these programs in single-family homes in residential neighborhoods, where four people with similar needs and interests live together and receive assistance. Our trained, caring staff provide high quality, individualized care on a 24-hour basis.

Services are centered in the CRS home and in the community, as designated by the person-served, family, and team. All activities are designed to promote as much independence as possible. The primary purpose in our CRS program is to support persons served as they develop to their fullest potential, achieving the most normal lifestyle possible within a supervised setting. Daily needs are met either by the individual when capable or by our direct care staff.

Current Residential Openings

  • Youth male, Cottage Grove
  • Adult male, Brooklyn Center
  • Adult female, Long Prairie

Training & Services

We provide training in a range of areas, including daily living activities (appropriate social skills, health/fitness, community integration, recreation and leisure interests), environmental and behavioral strategies designed to minimize maladaptive behaviors, academic skills (signing, writing, basic math skills, fine and gross motor skills) and independent living skills (time and money management, transportation training, domestic tasks, problem solving skills, and personal hygiene). Direct care staff strive to be unobtrusive, and positive with the individual.

We provide services such as administering medications, coordination of medical/psychiatric appointments, provide transportation, crisis intervention, and make referrals to other professional services when needed. We offer nursing consultation for special medical needs.

Modifications to the Home

Each CRS home that we develop is designed to fit the needs of the individual persons served and to promote increased independence. We do this by modifying the home environment and including adapted equipment as necessary. All training materials within the home are designed to be exciting, stimulating, and age appropriate. Maintaining a safe and healthful environment is primary in protecting persons served.

Open Door Policy

Meridian Services understands that a residential move can be an adjustment for both the individual and the family, and we wish to offer reassurance to everyone involved throughout the process. We will work with the family and the interdisciplinary team to understand the person served’s preferences, needs, and expectations prior to the move. We want to make the move as non-disruptive as possible. Meridian has an open door policy for the family/caregivers of persons served. We encourage the family to visit at any time-it is not necessary to notify us.

Eidelweiss Respite Program

The Eidelweiss respite program located in Anoka County, MN provides care for people with developmental disabilities or related diagnoses in a licensed foster care home on weekends, holidays, vacations, or during times of emergency. The goal is to support and assist family members who need time away from the care they normally provide. A full range of services will be provided by trained Meridian staff members upon request of the person served or team.

Services include 24-hour supervision, care, medication administration, behavior management, socialization and recreation with an emphasis on community integration.


  • When ongoing respite services are initiated, the individual’s team meets to formulate a plan that identifies needs, determines how they will be met, and evaluates the staff-to-person-served ratio needed
  • Respite stays are scheduled on a Wednesday through Saturday afternoon and Saturday evening through Wednesday schedule
  • The respite stays are either 3 or 4 nights


  • Parents provide transportation to and from the respite site on arrival and departure days
  • During the respite stay, staff will transport persons served to and from their schools and work or will arrange for other appropriate transportation


  • To a large extent, the respite stay will be structured to replicate the familiar routines of the family home
  • Individual interests will play a significant role in planning for the respite stay
  • Community recreation and leisure activities will be the focus of the respite services

Our Program Developer can assist with referrals, questions, and inquiries

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