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    Meridian Services

    Pursuing Hopes and Dreams

    Meridian Services is committed to person-centered practices and to providing services that truly increase people’s choices and control over their lives.

Meridian Services was established to help individuals with disabilities to identify and pursue their hopes and dreams. For all of us, these hopes and dreams include:

  • the right to be as autonomous and as independent as possible
  • the opportunity to learn and grow
  • the freedom to make personal choices
  • the awareness and experience of one’s community rights and responsibilities
  • the satisfaction of a rich life, filled with the blessings of family, friendship, and personal accomplishment
  • the security of a healthy, safe and just environment
  • the opportunity to plan for the future

Our commitment includes a promise to encourage self-determination and self-advocacy and to develop policies and practices that support these philosophies. The further development of a self-determined life enhances each person’s feelings of competence and well-being. Our focus on person-centered processes assists individuals with articulating and realizing future goals.

“Providing direct care through Meridian Service’s in-home services is a rewarding and enjoyable experience.  Each individual that I support has personalized goals that encourage independence, self-discovery, engagement in meaningful activities and community integration.  Meridian did a great job matching me with individuals whose goals align with my interest and experience.  My most memorable experiences have been accompanying individuals to yoga classes, walking around lakes, playing banana gram, and going to movies.  Such activities are easy for many of us to take for granted, but these experiences have enlightened me that other do not have the same levels of independence.  My role as a Direct Support Professional has not only provided valuable experiences for a future career in healthcare, but also made me a better person with greater appreciation of life.”

Orion Associates, Meridian Services and Zenith Services are accredited by CARF and are committed to providing quality service in accordance with CARF guidelines and standards.

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