Orion Associates, Meridian Services, and Zenith Services were successfully surveyed by CARF International in February!  We were first accredited by CARF for the three year maximum in 2003 and were reaccredited in 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2015  We look forward to seeing the final report of this, our sixth CARF survey.

We first sought CARF accreditation as a part of our dedication to becoming an organization that provides the very best in services to those we serve.  As an organization, we continually intend to strive to insure that those we serve are able to live rich, productive, safe, and happy lives, and that we accede the expectations of all whom we serve, including families, guardians, case managers, counties, and other businesses.  Just as importantly, we intend to provide the best employment experience for every employee, striving to create an environment that is both personally and professionally satisfying for everyone.

At the conclusion of the survey, the surveyors highlighted a number of the strengths of our organization.  These included:

  • Our corporate responsibility and volunteerism.  One of the surveyors said that he had never seen anything like it!
  • Our Training Program, both orientation for new employee and ongoing training for current employees.
  • Our HITRUST certification.  This is a key component of our technology plan and is important for greater technological security.
  • Our emergency management plan.  It is comprehensive and one of the surveyors and that he couldn’t believe how much information it contained.
  • Our open work environment regarding pets and children.
  • Our person-centered practices throughout the organization.

The CARF surveyors also complemented us on the staff with whom they spoke, saying that they were dedicated and enthusiastic.  The surveyors recognized the connections of our management staff with the people served.  They recognized that the Program Directors and Program Administrators are frequently onsite at our programs.  The surveyors also said everyone did a good job explaining their work.  Finally, they said that the houses were well decorated and that the parents they contacted were very positive about our services.

We would like to thank you all for your contributions to the success of our CARF accreditation survey .  Whether you work in Finance, Human Resources or Program, it is the contribution of each of you that makes us an organization of which we can be proud.

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