Headwaters Relief Organization sent nineteen volunteers, on three separate trips, to southeastern Minnesota, in response to the flooding of the Zumbro River in the Oronoco, Minnesota area, on September 29th, October 1st and October 7th.

On September 29th, the first group of volunteers arrived in Oronoco and worked on a flood damaged home near the river. On the highest of the home’s three levels, the water line had been at more than three feet. The homeowners had been living in their garage, with their two dogs, since the flood. The volunteers gutted the rooms on the highest level of the house, including the kitchen, as well as several rooms in the basement. There were still a few items of sentimental value inside the house which the volunteers helped the homeowner to locate.

On October 1st, the second group of volunteers arrived in Oronoco and worked on another flood damaged home. The homeowner had taken all of his personal possessions out of the house and needed help gutting the sheetrock, cabinets and flooring. The water had been at the five foot level in the house. The volunteers helped to gut the house and cleaned up items scattered in the yard. Later that day, the volunteers moved to another house that had been severely damaged in the flooding. In both instances, the volunteers observed that the homeowners were physically and emotionally drained, but were also very appreciative of the help they were given.

On October 7th, the third group of volunteers were assigned to gut the lower half of the Hammond Café, in Hammond, Minnesota. The owner of the Café wanted to preserve as much of the interior as possible, and was optimistic about reopening soon. He was very grateful for the volunteers’ help.

Donations to the Headwaters Relief Organization can be made payable to the Headwaters Relief Organization Fund, and all donors will receive a charitable tax deduction receipt in the mail. In order to donate, please contact Cheryl Vennerstrom, at 763-450-5007, or e-mail her at cvennerstrom@orionassoc.net.

All tax deductible donations to the Headwaters project should be made to the:

Headwaters Relief Organization Fund
9400 Golden Valley Road
Golden Valley, Minnesota 56427


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