Morning Star Financial Services has posted a new promotional video on YouTube, with the goal of promoting Morning Star its services to families and states nationwide.

The video can be seen at: Morning Star Financial Services’ Promotional Video

Morning Star Financial Services, LLC, was founded in 2006, as a partnership between Orion ISO and Summit Fiscal Agency. It was organized to provide the highest quality fiscal support for people with disabilities and their families across the nation.

Morning Star’s goal is to make fiscal intermediary services straightforward and personal. The organization believes that everyone should have the opportunity to live full and independent lives and provides customizable services allow for flexibility, personal control and dignity in one’s own financial management.

Morning Star Financial Services was formed to provide a national solution for families in the United States. Morning Star’s role is to alleviate administrative and legal stresses so that families can focus on providing the best service to their loved ones.

The founding companies, Orion ISO and Summit Fiscal Agency, still operate in Minnesota today. These companies have been providing reliable service to families since 1998. They are leaders in social service innovation. In fact, Orion ISO and Summit Fiscal Agency helped pioneer the services now available in many states.

To learn more about Morning Star Financial Services, please call 877-450-5041 or email info@morningstarfs.com.

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