Liz Schiefelbein

Program Administrator

Program Administrator
Liz is a Program Administrator / Director for Meridian Services. She oversees the Green Fields, Logan, Olympia Place, and Silver Lake programs.


Liz is currently in college, studying Psychology. Her ultimate goal is to become a Behavior Analyst. Liz recently transferred to Metro State University, and has just two years left!


Liz has worked in a group home setting for a little more than two years, with a variety of consumers. She has worked with kids as young as eleven, and adults as old as sixty-three. Liz has a lot of experience with behaviors of all kind, and a variety of medical needs. Her experience has led her to encounter individuals with a vast range of disorders and ailments.


Liz really enjoys being around her family and doing activities with them, such as going to the cabin, sporting events or even just hanging out! She is very laid back and relaxed, always up for fun!

Personal Statement:

Be kind to everyone regardless of circumstance, always keep open ears regardless of the positivity or negativity of the statement, and never be judgmental for you have no idea what a person is going through!

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