Leota Bemis

Program Developer

Program Developer

Leota is the Program Developer responsible for Meridian Services’ Crisis and Transition Services. She is also responsible for a handful of Meridian’s SLS homes.

Leota attended the College of Saint Scholastica in Duluth where she received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology with a minor in Gerontology. She received a Master’s Degree in Health and Human Services Administration from Saint Mary’s University in Minneapolis.

While working on her Bachelor of Arts Degree, Leota worked for Trillium Services as a Program Counselor at a variety of SLS homes in Duluth. After completing her Bachelor of Arts degree, she moved to California for a period of time, where she worked as a counselor at a facility for adolescent sexual offenders. After leaving California, and moving to Minnesota, Leota began working for Meridian Services in April of 2005 as a Program Manager of an SLS home. In August of 2006, she was promoted to the Program Director position. In February of 2007, Leota was promoted to the Program Administrator position.

Leota resides in Buffalo, Minnesota. Spending time with her family is of utmost importance. Beyond that, working out, walking the dogs, and relaxing on the lake are preferred ways to utilize her free time.

Personal Statement
There are many aspects of Leota’s job that she enjoys  She takes pleasure in working with the children and adults in all of her homes, as well as working with their families and Interdisciplinary Team members to develop the best care plan possible for all consumers. Leota takes pride in working with staff members and management personnel to become the most efficient and effective providers possible.  She feels privileged to work with the caliber of co-workers she is surrounded by and is grateful to work for a company that strives for the highest quality of care, and one that is constantly growing and progressing.

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